Ultra-Light Cod Fishing

In spring and autumn is it possible to fishing for cod on shallow water (5-15m).
A lot of fish swim from deep water in to very shallow water to eat up on crabs and ragworms.
In this time we can have a very exciting and fun fishing for cod with very light equipment. We
fishing with rods with castweight up to 60-80grams and fishing with softbaits and pilks on 40-
80grams. The best color on the softbaits is red, orange, black and yellow. Fishing on that
shallow water with a light equipment makes the fights with the fish very strong. This type of
fishing is very popular and estimated.
The technique we use is easy explained that we throw out or softbait and then wait to the jigg
hit the bottom. Then we make 2 fast jerk with the rod and then we wait to the jigg hit the
bortom again. It's very important that you fishing very close to the bottom.
When the Fish take the lure, they take it very brutal and the hook give every human
In spring and autumn is the Ultra-Light Cod Fishing really Good and cods on 5-10kg is not
Ultra-Light Cod Fishing is something Everyone have to experience!